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Children's Corner

Nan Brown Nursery

The Nan Brown Nursery is a

beautiful place to go during service with young children! 


Children are always invited to stay in the service (we love to hear them laugh and ... be kids). However, we understand that sometimes it's nice to have some space.  The playroom is filled with toys, books, and some media. It is also a discrete place to nurse. 


It has direct access to the washroom which is equipped with a change table and potty for children of all ages. 

Please feel free to use the nursery as needed. The room is unsupervised by the congregation so families are asked to remain with their children while the room is in use. 


Sunday School


Sunday school is a safe place for school aged children to learn about Christian faith, values, culture, and traditions. It is a program designed to work with the children to build knowledge, confidence, and understanding of the United Church community. 

Sunday School teachers take turns leading groups in the lower hall. Parents can join but are not required.


Students are introduced to a concept via story or passage and are then encouraged to discuss and ask questions. The curriculum includes discussion, art, activities, creativity, and most of all fun!

Resources will be uploaded and shared as able. If consent provided, children's work will be shared via website. Weekly curriculum can be found on Facebook at this time (due to Pandemic). 


Hearing God's word through various modalities including story time,  personal experiences, experiments, community outings, and art.


Meeting in a group to apply concepts and teachings to day to day experiences.


Students are encouraged to practice and share their work with friends and family. 


Play based learning is used to help children express their faith in their own words. It is common to hear laughter and jovial spirits.  

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