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Our Ministries

St. Andrew's & St. Paul's United Church is home to a variety of programs, services, and projects. We are constantly adjusting and  evaluating based on needs  but  please find a list of regular programs listed below. 

Kid's and Youth


St. Andrew's & St. Paul's United Church shares its mission with children as well. During Sunday service the Nursery is available for families with young children (0-3). It is a play space where children can learn and explore under their parent's supervision.


Sunday School: Older children (4+) are invited to attend Sunday School. Children learn about christian values and  culture through art, activities, stories, and community outreach.

Youth Group:  Youth meet to explore their faith and participate in discussion, group activities, and get assigned independent projects.  



All requests for Marriage can be completed through the church. Please contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss next steps.  We look forward to being with you in the presence of God on your wedding day. Requests are processed on an as needed basis. 

Kids in Church



The UCW, United Church Women, is open and active within our church. These dedicated women are involved with many of the fundraisers and events within our church. The group meets regularly to discuss women's issues and congregational needs. Meeting notices will be made available.  


Volunteering is the foundation of our church and makes it possible to deliver all our programs and services. Positions vary from being a board member, teaching Sunday school, reading scripture during service, or helping greet families as they enter the church. We are all called to help our church family as we are able. If you are interested in finding out more about available tasks or positions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Baptism and Sacraments Preparation

We are here to answer questions and help you and your family prepare for the christian sacraments of baptism, communion, and confirmation. We are here to help you journey through your faith. Please submit your request and we will call you to discuss next steps.

Pastoral Support

The church offers various types of outreach to persons' within the community including those who are unable to attend church due to illness, living in a long term care residence, or other reasons. Please do not hesitate to contact the church. We will assist you in finding the right support for you. Visits from the minister or a member of the congregation can be arranged as needed. Our minister holds services within local long term care residence monthly. Contact us for more information.

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